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Limited Time Offer - Lokus Multipurpose Liquid PU Foamed Bandage - Box
Brand Lokus
Size (L x W x H) 10 cm x 11 cm x 11 cm
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Here are the highlights of Lokus Multipurpose Liquid PU Foamed Bandage

  • It can conform to any the wound size/wound shape.
  • It can seal up the wound. Protecting the wound from external infection.
  • It can absorb a higher volume of exudate.
  • It can provide offloading towards the wound. Reducing pain/traumatisation
  • It will not stick on wet areas such as exudative areas/ medicated areas/moist areas.
  • It can easily be removed from the wound when it is saturated, causing lesser pain for the patient during each dressing change.


Lokus Multipurpose Liquid PU Foam Bandage can dress or cover challenging or chronic wounds in less time while providing comfort to the patient.

It assists wound healing from most chronic wounds/ serious wounds at least 1.5 – 2 times faster than conventional wound treatment.

How Lokus Multipurpose Liquid PU Foamed Bandage able to improve patient’s wound condition:

  • The liquid state of Lokus Multipurpose Liquid PU Foamed Bandage ( before solidification) can conform to any wound size/wound shape, fitting nicely onto the wound bed and providing a more efficient absorption.
  • Lokus Multipurpose Liquid PU Foamed Bandage is non-medicated. So it can complement most types of primary dressing in the market.
  • This means with the proper medication or primary dressing plus the benefits of Lokus Liquid Bandage; the combination will multiply the healing rate dynamically.
  • Thicker PU foam that able to provide a higher volume absorption
  • Thick PU foam is able to provide extra offloading (buffer) on the wound to reduce external pressure. Reducing patient pain when the wound is in contact with another item, such as shifting body positions on the bed, reducing wound trauma.
  • The foam will not stick on wet wounds or medicated/moistened areas. So that patient will have more comfort when Lokus Liduid PU Foam is detached from the patient’s wound upon dressing change.
  • The foam is only able to stick on dry areas. This means the liquid foam will stick only surrounding the dry area of the skin upon solidification to seal up the wound.
  • Protecting the wound from external infection, leading to lesser wound complications and faster wound recovery
  • The foam also allows air exchange even when the wound is sealed up. Providing sufficient ventilation or oxygen exchange for the wound to heal.
  • The foam will be detached from the healthy skin when it is saturated. Plus, the foam will not stick to the moist wound upon solidification.
  • This means medical professionals can detach the foam from the patient’s wound easily, saving medical professionals time upon each dressing change.
  • Patients will have much less pain and stress upon each dressing change, leading to a pleasant experience for each wound dressing session.
  • The exothermic reaction will create a lukewarm heat upon mixing the two parts of the solution. This enables it to be self-sterilising on the wound and further reducing internal infection.


Typical wounds that cover by Lokus Multipurpose Liquid PU Foam Bandage are:

  • Diabetic Wounds
  • Pressure Injuries
  • Venous Wounds
  • Trophic Ulcers
  • Fresh Wounds
  • Surgical Wounds
  • Burn Wounds
  • Continuously Non-Healing Wounds
  • Any Other Heavy Exudative Wounds


With the proper treatment and the right protection, most chronic wounds / severe wounds patients can be saved from tremendous stress, potential amputation or mortality.

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What's in the box

20 sachets of Lokus Multipurpose Liquid PU Foamed Bandage in a box

Limited time offer (while stock last): Buy 1 Box, Free 10 sachets.