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LOKUS Liquid Bandage is a liquid polyurethane foam dressing specially formulated to cover wounds of all shapes and sizes. Through various clinical studies, LOKUS Liquid Bandage was found to significantly enhanced the treatment of various wounds, burns and chronic ulcers.

Lokus Multipurpose Polyurethane Foamed Bandage is registered with the Medical Device Authority of Malaysia under Registration No. GC5615619-31508.
Enhance Wound Healing with Lokus's C.S.A

LOKUS Multipurpose Liquid Polyurethane Foam Bandage (non-medicated) for wounds, burns and ulcers is the modern replacement for traditional cotton bandages, napkins and plasters. 

It does not hinder one’s movements and provides complete protection from repeated traumatization and infections.

The ease of application and effectiveness of LOKUS Liquid Bandage makes it suitable for emergency self or third-party administration for the treatment of various acute wounds, burns and ulcers of any origin.

Modern Requirements For Dressing

Traditional wound dressings such as cotton bandages have served mankind for the last 700 years. They tend to have low hygroscopicity and do not provide sufficient protection from infections.

The fundamental requirements of modern wound dressings include:

  • Maintenance of optimum humidity of a wound;
  • Maintenance of optimum gas structure;
  • Impermeable to bacteria to prevent infection;
  • Protection from secondary trauma;
  • Absence of trauma at drawing, change and removal of coating, etc.

LOKUS Liquid Bandage, a multi-purpose polyurethane foam cover, has been proven to fulfil these requirements, making it better than other materials in managing and treating wounds.


LOKUS Liquid Bandage’s thick, elastic polyurethane foam structure has the following important and useful properties:

  • Non-toxic and non-allergenic
  • Self-asepticizing when mixing components, has antimicrobial effect
  • Does not stick to a moist wound surface while having good adhesion to dry skin, 
  • Does not require additional fixation
  • Complete protection from secondary traumatization and infections
  • Complete absorption of wound exudates
  • Able to shape itself according to the contour of any wound surface
  • Improves capillary blood flow and speeds up tissues regeneration



  • Can be used on any type of wounds and does not require special preparations.
  • Can be safely held on a wound for up to 5 days without additional bandaging or fixation depending on the amount of excudates discharged by the concerned wound.


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