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Innovative Liquid PU Foamed Bandage for Improved Healing and Comfort

Heal Your Chronic Wound Patient

1.5 - 2 Times Faster Than

Using Traditional Dressing Methods

Help your patient's chronic wound recover faster while reducing the risk of infection.

Things to know about US

We transform innovative concepts into practical wound care solutions

Welcome to Lokus Medical, where innovation meets excellence in wound care.

Our flagship product, the Lokus Liquid Bandage, is designed to provide effective and reliable care for chronic wounds.

Utilizing advanced liquid-to-foam technology, our bandage adapts to any wound shape, manages exudate, alleviates pain, and offers robust protection.

Lokus Liquid Bandage supports optimal healing environments for patients with complex wound care needs.

WE ARE your trusted partner in advance wound care solution

We are at the forefornt of liquid PU bandages specifically designed for chronic wound

Traditional wound dressings such as cotton bandages have served mankind for the last 700 years.

They tend to have low hygroscopicity and do not provide sufficient protection from infections.

The fundamental requirements of modern wound dressings include:

  • Able to remove excess exudate and toxic component

  • Able to maintain humidity at wound/dressing surface

  • Able to allow gaseous exchange

  • Able to provide thermal insulation

  • Able to afford protection from secondary infection

  • Able to be free from particulate or toxic contaminants

  • Able to allow removal without trauma at dressing change

LOKUS Multipurpose Liquid Polyurethane Foamed Bandage has been demonstrated to meet these requirements, offering superior wound management and treatment compared to other materials.

Conform To Wound Profile

Lokus Liquid Bandage conforms to the wound profile, optimizing the area for exudate absorption.

Seal Around The Wound

Lokus Liquid Bandage seals around the wound, providing protection against external infections.

Absorb Heavy Exudates

Lokus Liquid Bandage absorbs heavy exudates, creating a better environment for faster wound healing.

LOKUS Multipurpose Liquid Polyurethane Foam Bandage (non-medicated) offers a contemporary alternative to traditional cotton bandages, napkins, and plasters for treating chronic wounds, burns, and ulcers.

It allows more flexible movement as compared to traditional dressing, while providing comprehensive protection against repeated trauma and infections.

Why choose lokus multipurpose liqid pU foamed bandage?

Transforming Wound Care: From Frustration to Fulfillment

Over the years, Lokus Multipurpose Liquid Polyurethane Foamed Bandage have helped many chronic wound patients to heal from worsening wound

Through using Lokus Multipurpose Liquid Polyurethane Foamed Bandage on chronic wound patients, we have successfully reversed the worsening chronic wound into healing wound.



You may feel frustrated when your efforts to heal the chronic wound are hindered by ineffective dressing properties.

Despite your expertise and dedication, the lack of progress in wound healing can be disheartening and challenging to manage.

Concern for Patient Well-being

You prioritize your patients' well-being and strive to provide the best possible care.

When dressings fail to effectively remove fluid or protect against infection, you may worry about the patient's comfort, safety, and overall prognosis.

Professional Responsibility

You have a professional responsibility to ensure that your patients receive optimal wound care.

When faced with dressing-related challenges such as trauma upon removal, you may feel a heightened sense of responsibility to find alternative solutions and mitigate potential harm to the patient.

Time Constraints

Managing chronic wounds requires significant time and resources.

When dressings fail to meet essential criteria, you may need to invest additional time in reassessing the wound, changing dressings, and exploring alternative treatment options.

This can create added pressure and stress in an already demanding clinical environment.

Communication Challenges

You may face challenges in effectively communicating with patients about dressing-related issues.

Explaining complex concepts such as wound care protocols, dressing selection, and potential complications can be challenging, especially when patients are experiencing discomfort or frustration.

Emotional Impact

Witnessing patients struggle with chronic wound management can take an emotional toll on you.

Feelings of empathy, compassion, and concern for the patient's well-being may be intensified when faced with dressing-related challenges that impact the patient's quality of life and healing progress.


Improved Healing Outcomes

Effective fluid removal facilitates a balanced wound environment, promoting faster healing and tissue regeneration.

With better protection from secondary infection, you will witness reduced inflammation and complications, leading to expedited wound closure and improved patient outcomes.

Enhanced Patient Comfort

By reducing trauma upon dressing removal, patients experience less pain and discomfort, contributing to their overall well-being and treatment satisfaction.

You observe your patients experiencing greater comfort during dressing changes, fostering a positive therapeutic relationship and promoting treatment adherence.

Streamlined Wound Care Management

With a dressing that efficiently removes fluid, offers superior infection protection, and minimizes trauma, you experience smoother and more efficient wound care management.

You spend less time addressing dressing-related issues and can focus on other aspects of patient care, optimizing your workflow and resource utilization.

Professional Satisfaction

Achieving successful outcomes in chronic wound management brings a sense of fulfillment and professional satisfaction to you.

Witnessing your patients heal more rapidly and comfortably reaffirms your expertise and dedication to providing high-quality care, boosting morale and job satisfaction.

Enhanced Reputation and Trust

Consistently achieving positive outcomes in chronic wound care builds trust and confidence among patients, colleagues, and the broader healthcare community.

You, who effectively manage chronic wounds with advanced dressings earn a reputation for excellence, attracting referrals and fostering strong patient-provider relationships.

Foam Dressing That Is Customized To Your Wound Shape

Lokus Multipurpose Liquid PU Foamed Bandage is engineered to adapt seamlessly to the contours of any wound bed, irrespective of size or shape.

This versatile solution offers comprehensive exudate management, pain relief, and wound protection simultaneously, ensuring a holistic approach to wound care.

Suitable for:

Pressure Injuries

Chronic Wound

Open Wound

Trophic Ulcers

Burn Wound

Orthopedic Wound

Deep Wound

Odd Shaped Wound

Uneven Wound

Exudative Wound

Journal Publication

Lokus Multipurpose Liquid Pulyurethane Foamed Bandage 

Our innovative wound care solutions have been featured in reputable medical journals, highlighting successful case studies and the efficacy of Lokus Liquid Bandage in clinical settings.

Cases Published in Wound Asia 2021 | Vol 4 Issue 2

by Prof. Dr. Dato Harikrishna K.R.Nair & the a team of Wound Care Officers

in Wound Clinic of Kuala Lumpur General Hospital (HKL)

Unlike superficial wounds, chronic wounds demand meticulous care and thorough cleaning before applying medication and bandages.

To ensure effective use of Lokus Liquid Bandage, follow these simple steps for optimal wound care. Each step is designed to maximize the bandage's benefits, ensuring proper application and enhanced healing.

1. Preparation

✔️Determine whether the wound is infected and treat the infection.

✔️Thoroughly clean the wound to ensure it is free from debris and contaminants.

✔️Apply prescribed medication to the wound.

✔️If necessary, apply a barrier cream to dry skin and sensitive areas around the wound.

FAQ image

2. Apply Lokus Multipurpose Liquid PU Foamed Bandage

✔️The product comes in two-part sachets: Part A and Part B.

✔️Evenly mix Part A and Part B before pouring them onto the wound. Ensure a consistent mixture.

✔️The product is self-sterilizing once it is thoroughly mixed and during application process.

✔️Once the mixture is well-mixed, pour it onto the wound before the liquid foam solidifies. (Normally within 20 seconds)

✔️Allow the mixture to solidify on the wound, typically taking 3 to 4 minutes.

✔️Do not touch the foam surface after pouring the liquid foam onto the wound.

✔️As the mixture solidifies, a protective PU Foam bandage is created on the wound. Touching the foam surface might damage the protective layer of the PU Foam Bandage.

FAQ image

3. Reinforcement (Optional)

✔️For additional support, apply another layer of breathable enforcement bandage, such as transparent dressing films or gauze or elastic bandage, depending on the body parts.

FAQ image

4. Detachment

✔️The bandage will naturally loosen and detach from normal skin once filled with exudates or liquid.

✔️To facilitate the removal of the foam, moisten the area where the foam is still adhering to the normal skin by applying water.

FAQ image

5. Dressing Change

✔️Change the dressing promptly once the foam is saturated to maintain a clean and conducive environment for optimal wound healing.

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certifications bodies

Our products meet the standards of quality and safety, ensuring reliable and effective wound care solutions.



Frequently Ask Question

What types of wounds can Lokus Liquid Bandage be used for?

Lokus Liquid Bandage is suitable for chronic wounds, burns, ulcers, pressure injuries, and exudative wounds. It is designed to adapt to various wound shapes and sizes, providing comprehensive wound care.

How does Lokus Liquid Bandage improve healing outcomes?

The bandage absorbs heavy exudates and maintains an optimal moisture balance, creating a better environment for faster wound healing and reducing inflammation and complications.

What makes Lokus Liquid Bandage different from traditional dressings?

Unlike traditional cotton bandages, Lokus Liquid Bandage provides better protection against infections, allows for flexible movement, and optimizes exudate absorption, which are essential for modern wound care.

How long can Lokus Liquid Bandage stay on a wound?

Lokus Liquid Bandage is designed to remain in place for several days, depending on the wound's exudate levels and the clinical situation. It provides continuous protection and optimal healing conditions, minimizing the need for frequent dressing changes.

However, the bandage must be changed if it becomes saturated to maintain a conducive environment for faster healing. Always follow professional guidance for specific cases.

Is Lokus Liquid Bandage safe for all patients?

Lokus Liquid Bandage is a non-medicated polyurethane foam bandage that meets safety and quality standards. It is safe for a wide range of patients, including those with chronic wounds, under professional supervision.

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